Private and Semi Private Art Sessions

Private and Semi Private Art Sessions

$70 per 2 hour session.  $65 per session if you book 4 sessions.

4 or more participants is $60 for 2 hour session or workshop.

Sessions are 2 hour minimum.

Private art lessons with Jenny T. are wonderfully individualized, and guided gently with attainable challenges and fun new directions. Jenny works to support strengths and bring out new discoveries and abilities. Jenny always encourages the development of personal style and above all the sheer joy of making art without worrying about the outcome.


Private lessons limited to 2 individuals. Lessons can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Private lessons can be geared to therapeutic, healing work, self expression or more technique based work like watercolor, acrylic, drawing, or a variety of lessons. Sessions are generally held in Jenny T.’s home but can be held in your home as long as there is space to work and focus and concentrate. Jenny works with ages 3 to adults of all ages.


Contact to discuss and book your private classes.