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Crown Chakra Prayer Flag Prints or Series

$25.00 USD
Available Chakra
  • 7 Chakra Series (125)
  • Throat (25)
  • Crown (25)
  • Third Eye (25)
  • Heart (25)
  • Root (25)
  • Solar Plexus (25)
  • Sacral (25)
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These 5X7 prints on archival paper are beautifully matted to 8X10. These prints are from original acrylic prayer flags on fabric. Message me for different sizes and prices.

You can select the series of 7 chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown for $125 plus shipping, or individually for $25 per piece.

Root: (Tree) The root chakra's color is red and is at the base of the spine. It is associated with grounding and stability. "I am."

Sacral: (Heart with Key) The sacral chakra's color is orange and is located in the abdomen/womb. It is associated with physical power, fertility and pleasure. "I Feel."

Solar Plexus: (Woman Looking into Mirror) The solar plexus chakra's color is yellow and is located in the area above the navel. It is associated with calming emotions and easing tension allowing for better utilization of intuition. "I Do."

Heart: (Heart with Door) The heart chakra's color is green and is located in the center of the chest. It is associated with spiritual love, compassion and universal oneness. "I Love."

Throat: (Woman with Lotus Flower on Throat) The throat chakra's color is bright blue and is located in the throat. It is associated with communication and creativity. "I Speak".

Third Eye: (Woman with Galaxy above Head) The third eye chakra's color is indigo and is located at the center of the forehead above the eyebrows. It's associated with seeing intuitively.

Crown: (Crown)The crown chakra's color is violet and is located on the top of the head. It is associated with enlightenment, bliss and understanding. "I Understand."
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Some of my art and jewelry is for children. Non of it is recommended for children under the age of 3 because of choking hazards. Most things are delicate keepsakes so please keep that in mind when ordering.

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Made with sterling silver, meaningful, healing semi-precious stones, glass beads, hand cut/wood burned/painted pieces, hand drawn “illustrated jewelry”, and various pieces made from wood found in Prescott, AZ!

I also sell pieces in various mediums like watercolor and ink, acrylic on canvas, collaged/mixed media art, painted/wood burned art blocks, stumps and clocks. I love each piece I make. It is truly art from my heart!”

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