Expressive Arts Facilitator

Jagged Heart

Jenny T. -Expressive Arts Facilitator

Jenny T., an artist from Prescott, Arizona, offers Expressive Art classes that are well planned, meaningful, reflective and fun. Classes begin with various journaling topics that lead to group discussions and then to the projects. These projects include insightful creative writing, relaxing -almost meditative zentangles, community building group projects and many more. Each class offers a structured lesson with room for individual expression and interpretation though multiple art mediums, always emphasizing the value of the process and not the product. This is not a technical art class, it is a different way to express yourself from standard therapy sessions.

Classes vary in topics from community building and looking at life from different perspectives, to identifying your feelings through shapes, colors and patterns and much more. Classes are structured and professional, but fun and personal.

Fees vary depending on the size of each group, length of the class and by whether art supplies are purchased by your facility or me. Supplies are very reasonable and will include a journal for each client.

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